HOCHTIEF participates in major rail infrastructure projects worldwide.

Our impressive portfolio includes 42km of design and build for the Taiwan High Speed Railway constructed in an earthquake zone, and nearer to home three major sections of the Channel Tunnel Rail link in the UK.

In conjunction with HOCHTIEF Civil Engineering and Tunneling division (CET) we undertake new Metro line facilities in Europe on the North-South Metro in Cologne exacting archaeological investigations were required during construction; on the new Berlin Metro, ground-freezing techniques were employed with our construction taking place immediately in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

In the UK, our Paddington Bridge project, delivered on time and below budget won three major civil engineering awards. Other works include the redevelopment, improvement and upgrading to current access standards of stations and passenger facilities.

HOCHTIEF works to the highest standards of safety and quality for the UK Rail Industry, with current Principal Contractors Licence, and employees trained to act as CRM, CEM and COSS.