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Crossrail C310 Thames Tunnel

Client: Crossrail Limited

Contractors Designers: HOCHTIEF Consult (Temp works) - Client design (Perm design)

Form of Contract: NEC3 Option C

Dates work carried out: 2011 - 2015

Value: £250,000,000

HOCHTIEF, in joint venture, successfully completed the Crossrail C310 Thames Tunnel project on time and on budget. The works comprised a wide range of civil engineering disciplines including construction of two 2.6km long 6.2m internal diameter bored tunnels through prominently Chalk rock strata and portal structures from Plumstead to North Woolwich. The sites were located in areas with significant third party and community stakeholder interfaces.

The launch and reception shafts for the TBMs comprise cut and cover approach structures of approximately 500m in length and 20m in depth which were constructed by diaphragm walling, secant, rotary bored and CFA piling. Due to the high water table, variable ground conditions and adjacent assets, the excavations required substantial temporary supports and extensive dewatering schemes with recharge.

Other temporary and permanent shafts were constructed with sizes ranging from 4.5 to 25m and depths of up to 15m. These have been constructed by wet caisson techniques with precast segmental linings, sheet piling and secant piling.

Associated works on the project undertaken by HMJV comprised:
• Major site enabling works
• Protection of third party assets – including elements of key critical infrastructure
• Ground treatment in varying and challenging ground conditions – including jet grouting, fissure grouting and compensation grouting
• Utility works – including diversions, shaft construction, pipe-jacking, directional drilling and auger boring
• Tunnel first stage concrete
• Woolwich Station Box lower level concrete works
• Construction of four cross passages – including sprayed concrete within water bearing Chalk rock

The C310 team was recognised by Crossrail as one of the better performing contractors against their ‘league table’ as part of their Performance Assurance process and also received a ‘Green Line award’ for reaching Crossrail’s high standard of environmental engagement.

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